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🚀 What's Rocket Haul & Moving all about?

Rocket Haul & Moving is your go-to cosmic service for smooth moves, hassle-free hauling, and stellar deliveries! Here's what we bring to the table:

🌟 We send over local heroes, aka astronauts, drivers, or heroes, ready to transport your items.

💪 We offer convenient and budget-friendly delivery services for all kinds of items, whether from online marketplaces or top-notch stores.

🪐 Your peace of mind is our priority – we've got you covered in every delivery.

🚚 Our pros handle your cargo with care, ensuring it arrives in the same condition.

Whether it's a stellar find or a store score, Rocket Haul & Moving makes your cosmic journey a breeze! 🌠✨


📦 How much stuff can fit in a Rocket Haul & Moving?

Picture this: a Rocket Haul & Moving astronaut arrives at your pick-up location, with a large truck.

The truck can accommodate a small move with about 2-3 big, bulky items. Perfect for:

🪑 A dining room table and chairs

🛋️ A cozy loveseat, armchair, and end table

🛏️ A box spring and mattress with a dresser

🚚 Automobile Parts

🏡 Home project materials or construction materials, such as lumber, tiles, flooring tools, and paint

🌳 Landscaping materials, bagged dirt, concrete, potted trees, and more

When you request the 6X10 trailer, we can handle even more:

🪑 Multiple sofas and armchairs

🧺 Several large appliances (refrigerator, washer, dryer)

🪑 Multiple dressers and wardrobes

🛏️ A full bedroom set (bed, nightstands, dressers)

📦 Boxes and containers filled with household items

🚲 Bicycles, sports equipment, and outdoor furniture

🛏️ Several mattresses and bed frames

🎨 Large pieces of art or mirrors

With a 6X10 trailer, the possibilities are vast, and combined you would be able to transport the same amount or even more than the usual cargo van. We can help you transport a wide range of items, making your move, haul, or delivery even more convenient. 📦🪑

With this cosmic duo, we've got the space and strength to move your larger-than-life items. 🚀💪

🛒 Will you pick up from any location?

Of course! Our specialty lies in short in-state trips within 20-30 miles in Colorado! 🏞️🚀


We understand the thrill of finding that perfect piece of furniture on platforms like Facebook Marketplace, OfferUp, Craigslist, or even at garage sales. And don't forget those amazing deals from stores like Home Depot, BestBuy, BigLots, or American Furniture Warehouse.

Our delivery service is not only convenient but also budget-friendly compared to many in-store deliveries. However, please note that for pickups, the owner of the item must be present to authorize the package's collection.

Remember, it's essential that you inspect and purchase the item from the owner before or at the time of pickup. Also, keep in mind that once the pickup is scheduled and the deposit is paid, it won't be refunded if you change your mind about the purchase. 

So, whether it's a cosmic Marketplace find, a stellar store deal, or a garage sale gem, make sure you're ready to rocket your new treasure home! 🌌🚚

🦸‍♂️ What if I need more muscle for my mission?

Houston, we don't have a problem! But here's the deal: if you've got items that are over 70 pounds and longer than 5 feet (that's a whopping 60 inches!), we're going to need someone at the location who can lend a hand. Our Rocket Haul & Moving drivers are strong, but remember, in space, even the heaviest items feel weightless – well, almost! 🌠. Here on earth they are going to need a little help with the heaviest and bulkiest items.


Need more muscle? We've got you covered – You can request an extra set of cosmic muscles if there's no one available at the location to assist with a particularly hefty or oversized item. However, if you are unable to provide assistance, your project may need to be canceled or rescheduled. We can always bring more muscle along to make sure your move is a celestial success, with your items soaring to their new location in style! You can experience zero gravity for your belongings! 🌌✨

🌠 Where will my item be placed once delivered?

At Rocket Haul & Moving, we're all about cosmic convenience, and that includes where your item will touch down. 🚀🪐

Our mission is crystal clear: we're your cosmic go-to for on-demand pickup and delivery services. 🚚✨ Whether you've got furniture, appliances, or other galactic-sized treasures, we're here to transport them from point A to point B with ease.

🌟Our astronaut delivery team will drop your precious cargo right at your front step or in your garage. Now, when it comes to the great indoors or taking a huge box with us to dispose of, that's where things can get a little cosmic. There's a separate fee if you'd like items placed inside your home or would like us to take the box, and even then, our astronauts won't be hooking up, installing, or responsible for tidying up anything else. Think of it as just extra muscle, when you order something from Amazon; they won't deliver, set up your new PlayStation and take the boxes for you, right? 😉🎮

Remember, for the safety of our brave astronauts and the protection of your cosmic cargo, we have our cosmic Terms of Service to guide us on this into-your-world adventure. If the terms are not met the mission may be delayed or canceled. 🌠🪐📜

🚚 How much will it cost me?

Our pricing is as cosmic as our service. We charge based on a few factors, delivery type, items, additional services, how far and how long it takes for your delivery. Typically, an across-town trip of 1-2 bulky items to your front door will cost around $50. You'll always get an estimate before the journey.

Sometimes, projects can extend beyond the initially estimated time due to unexpected obstacles like staircases or additional items added to your project. The timer starts when our astronaut arrives at the pickup location and begins loading your items. It stops once your items are safely delivered to the drop-off spot and unloading is completed. Most projects wrap up within the estimated timeframe, but if it goes over, an overtime rate ensures our heroes are fairly compensated for their cosmic efforts. 

To ensure your estimate is accurate and avoids any unexpected charges, please make sure you've provided accurate and complete information while booking your cosmic journey. 🚀📦✨

💳 How do I pay for my cosmic journey?

All transactions happen on our site, so you'll need a credit or debit card. We don't store (or even peek at) your card info – it goes straight to, a company that's super secure and compliant. Your cosmic secrets are safe with us.

📆 Can I schedule my cosmic journey ahead of time?

Absolutely! Plan your cosmic odyssey on the Rocket Haul & Moving website. Keep in mind that our schedule fills up faster than a rocket launch, so booking early ensures you secure your spot among the stars. 🚀⏰

Please note that all delivery scheduling requires a $20 deposit. If you need to adjust your voyage through the cosmos, you can change the date/timeslot with at least 5 hours' notice, though please be aware that your desired slot may not always be available. We'll do our utmost to accommodate your journey among the cosmic waves and stars! 🪐

Otherwise, cancelling your journey means no refund of the deposit. So, make sure your cosmic coordinates are set before you take off! ✨🌠

Fun with Imagination

👩‍🚀 Who are these Rocket Haul & Moving Astronauts?

Our astronauts, aka drivers, are local heroes. They could be anyone from your friendly neighborhood enthusiast to a retired astronaut (well, maybe not astronauts, but they're pretty close!).

Each team member is 18+, holds a valid driver's license, proper vehicle registration, and the necessary insurance. Rigorous national and local background checks ensure they have a clean record. Rest assured, they're not on any unwanted lists. 🌌

Your trust and security are vital to us. We ensure your cosmic journey is both safe and stellar. We want every experience to be celestial. 🌟🚀

💫 Can I tip our fellow hero astronauts?

Absolutely, while it's not obligated it's highly encouraged! Tipping our hero astronauts is like fueling up their rockets for future cosmic missions. It not only shows your appreciation for their stellar service but also supports their families in their pursuit of the final frontier. Drivers get to keep their tips, if there are more than one, they split the tip. So, whether it's a tip that's out of this world or just a little cosmic appreciation, every bit helps our heroes reach for the stars! 💰👨‍🚀

👫 Can I be a co-pilot on this cosmic adventure?

Here's the scoop: you must be a highly trained astronaut to ride...well, okay, maybe not a real astronaut, but our drivers are pros at moving stuff, not people. Our insurance is like a cosmic forcefield, but it only covers your precious cargo, not passengers. So, while we'd love to have you aboard, for now, it's just your belongings that get to enjoy the ride. 🚀✨


🚀 Do Rocket Haul & Moving Heroes wear masks?

While our Rocket Haul & Moving heroes aren't required to wear masks, we strongly recommend that they adhere to all national and regional regulations concerning face coverings. Additionally, when they're on private property, like a business that has mask requirements in place, we ask them to respect those guidelines regarding face coverings.

Customers are also not required to wear masks. You can take precautions, such as wearing a mask and maintaining a safe six-foot distance, at your own discretion. To minimize contact, you can add all instructions in your booking details or text with your driver.

If you're have had direct contact with someone diagnosed with COVID-19, or have been asked to quarantine. You could also contact us to book a contactless delivery.


Safety is our priority, and we want to make sure everyone's cosmic journey is as secure as possible. 🌟🚀🌌

📦 Will my hero help with packing?

At Rocket Haul & Moving, we're all about the cosmic journey from point A to point B, and we make it look easy-peasy. 🚀✨

While we're masters of safe and efficient transportation, we've also got a few tricks up our cosmic sleeves! If you're in need of some extra help with packing, we offer additional services like plastic or bubble wrapping, or even packing your belongings into boxes.


These cosmic add-ons are available, but there's a twist – they must be scheduled separately, in a different timeslot. It's important that all items are packed and ready when your hauling and moving astronaut arrives. 🌌📦

So, whether you're packing light-years in advance or just need a little cosmic assistance, we got you covered. 🌠👩‍🚀

🔧 Do I need to provide any tools for my furniture's cosmic adventure?

Our astronaut crew arrives locked and loaded with all the gear you need for a smooth cosmic journey. Here's what's in their cosmic toolkit: ratchet straps, moving blankets, and a tarp to secure and protect your precious cargo. You can also request a dolly. 🪐✨ 

Now, if you're thinking about having items taken apart, no worries, we've got the tools for that too! Just keep in mind that this service comes with an extra fee. But hey, if you're feeling handy and want to save some extra cash, you're welcome to do the assembling or disassembling yourself before our astronauts arrive. Either way, your journey to the stars is in good hands! 🧰💸

Moving Boxes
🧳 Are there items Rocket Haul & Moving won't transport?

While our astronauts are amazing heroes, they haven't quite mastered the art of superheroics. We're all about items that you and your astronaut can lift together and fit in the truck. 🚀💪

When it comes to things that are hazardous, illegal, or living (or, um, not living), we've got to draw the cosmic line there. We have had quite the adventure in receiving unusual moving requests. Please keep in mind that people, pets, livestock, grandfather clocks, fireworks, drugs, guns, weapons, fine art/antiques, or anything illegal are off-limits. Additionally, extremely heavy and bulky items such as pianos, hot tubs/saunas, billiard tables, concrete slabs, marble tables, and 100+ lb safes are a no-go.


Rest assured, though, we're here to make your move as smooth as stardust, within the cosmic boundaries! If you're unsure about something snap a photo, get an estimate and if we can move it, we will book it. Got questions? Our support team is here to assist. We're just a cosmic call away.🌌📞


🚀 Can I Cancel My Cosmic Journey?

We totally understand that sometimes even the best-laid cosmic plans can change. If you need to cancel your trip after it's been scheduled, here's what you should know:

🌠 If you cancel your journey after it has been accepted by one of our heroic astronauts, you may be subject to a cancellation fee.

Cancellation fees are implemented to compensate our cosmic crew for their dedicated time, effort, and the opportunities they might have missed to assist other customers. If you decide to cancel a project with more than 24 hours notice before the scheduled start time, you will be charged a fee of $20 per delivery professional.

For cancellations made less than 24 hours before the project's start time, the fee will vary depending on the vehicle you originally requested. Please be aware that all cancellation fees are non-refundable. Here's a breakdown of the cancellation fees:

🌌 Driver: $20 🚀 Helper: $20 🛸 Pickup Truck: $20 

These fees are vital in ensuring that our cosmic adventurers are fairly compensated for their time and dedication. For more detailed information, please review our complete cancellation policy here. 🌟🌌

🪐 Is My Precious Cargo Protected?

We prioritize the safety of your valuable cargo. Here's how we ensure it's protected:

🚀 Every delivery is covered by Rocket Haul & Moving's $1 million liability policy, providing you with cosmic peace of mind.

🌟 Our drivers are skilled professionals who take extra care to safeguard your cargo, ensuring it arrives in the same condition it was received.

🌌 In the rare event of an accident, rest assured that your property is protected by Rocket Haul & Moving's cargo liability policy.

🛡️ Please note that there are certain limitations to our coverage. We cannot transport items valued at more than $30,000. For new items in unopened original packaging delivered from the store of purchase, they will be covered at their current cash value. Used items, excluding household goods, will be reimbursed at their current depreciated value. Used household goods will be covered up to $0.50 per pound.

With Rocket Haul & Moving, your valuable cargo is in safe hands throughout its cosmic journey. 🌠🚚🌟

🛠️ What if something goes amiss during my Rocket Haul & Moving cosmic adventure?

If you have any questions, concerns, or cosmic conundrums, contact us immediately at We'll move heaven and earth to make it right. 🚀 Keep those cosmic questions coming, space traveler! 🌌✨

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