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🚀 Rocket Services LLC - Haul, Junk & Moving is here to make your move feel like a cosmic adventure. We get it – moving can be a maze of stress. If you are tired of asking your friend with a truck for help or paying for ridiculous in store delivery fees. Guess what? We've got the muscles, truck and rocket fuel to launch that stress away! 🌟 🏠

Out-of-this-Wold Services

Image by RoseBox رز باکس

Courier Services 📫


Get lightning-fast courier services! Whether you're a business in need of swift package delivery or a busy individual with no time to spare, our courier services have you covered.


Count on us for convenient, quick and reliable deliveries to your doorstep.

Hauling Furniture 2.jpg

Bulky Bliss 💪


Big furniture, big dreams – we get it. Our Bulky Bliss service is tailored for your larger-than-life items. We ensure your brand new pieces reach their new destination safely and efficiently, so you can enjoy the comforts of your home with ease.

Public Storage

Storage Unit Pickups 🏠


Whether you're downsizing, upsizing, or simply reorganizing, our Storage Unit Pickups are the answer. We take the hassle out of handling storage units.


We efficiently transport your items, giving you more room to breathe and less clutter in your life.

Moving In

In-Home Delivery 🏡


Need items delivered inside your home? Our in-home delivery service has you covered. Whether it's appliances, electronics, or furniture, our cosmic heroes will safely transport your items right where you want them. Let us do some of the flexing and lifting.

Image by Krista Mangulsone

Pet Transportation🐾

Moving with furry or feathered family members? We understand that pets are part of the crew! Our pet transportation service ensures your pets travel comfortably and safely to their new cosmic home. From dogs and cats to birds and reptiles, we'll make sure your beloved companions arrive with tails wagging! 


Instant Pickups 🚚

Just like you, when opportunity knocks, we answer!  Seize deals from OfferUp, Facebook Marketplace, or anywhere else.


No more missed treasures; our speedy service ensures you're always ahead in the game.

Image by Sidekix Media

Appliance Adventures 🏡


When big appliances come your way, call us, the experts.

We handle the heavy lifting for you. From refrigerators to washing machines, we deliver them to your home, taking the strain out of moving large items.

Donation Boxes

Share the Love ❤️


Let your unwanted items become a force for good. When you choose us, you're choosing to give back to the community.


Donate gently used furniture and belongings to those in need, spreading warmth and smiles. We can help when your move becomes a movement.

Sawing Together

Construction Materials 🏗️


Got construction materials that need transport? Whether it's lumber, concrete, or other building supplies, we got you covered. We deliver your construction materials to your project site, making your building projects a breeze. 

RV on Land

Travel Trailer Transport 🚌

Got a travel trailer that needs to hit the road? Our cosmic crew is equipped to transport your mobile getaway to your desired destination. Whether it's for a road trip, storage, or relocation, count on us to handle the hitching, hauling, and driving.


Your travel adventures just got a whole lot easier!


Store Delivery 🛒


Retail therapy just got better! Rocket Services LLC's Store Delivery service takes the weight off your shopping spree.


Buy big, and we'll deliver bigger, ensuring that 70inch TV or new couch from Big Lots reach your doorstep safely and swiftly.

Moving House

Small Space Big Moves 🏢


Limited space, limitless possibilities! We understand the unique challenges of small moves.


Your journey becomes a stress-free adventure, as we elevate your move to a whole new level of convenience. 

Image by Camille Villanueva

Farewell to Junk 🗑️


Clearing space doesn't have to be a headache. Rocket Services LLC's Farewell to Junk service is your ticket to decluttering.


We responsibly remove your unwanted items, ensuring they find the right place – whether it's recycling, donation, or proper disposal.

Christmas Preparations

Landscaping Transport 🌳


Transforming your outdoor space? We'll transport your landscaping materials, from bagged dirt to potted trees, to help you bring your vision to life.


Our cosmic crew will ensure your landscaping items arrive in stellar condition.

Worker Lifting Cardboard Box

Solution for Anything 📦


We are more than a moving company – we're your Total Solution for Anything.


No matter the size, shape, or distance, our team handles it all. From small moves to complex logistics, trust us to manage every aspect of your transition. Take a picture of what you want to move and if we can move it, we will book it.


Image by Erda Estremera

Packing & Unpacking ✨


Leave the packing and unpacking to us! With our comprehensive packing and unpacking service, we'll handle all the details, from carefully wrapping your items to setting them up in your new space. It's a cosmic convenience that takes the stress out of moving.


Trash Removal 🛰️


Don't want to deal with the post-delivery mess? Our cosmic heroes will take care of it for you!


With our trash removal service, we'll collect and dispose of any packaging materials, leaving your space clean.

Classroom Furnitures

Assembly Service 🛠️


Bought that perfect piece of furniture but dreading the assembly? Our cosmic heroes can help! We offer an assembly service to put your furniture together, so you can enjoy it without the frustration. From bookshelves to bed frames, we've got your assembly needs covered. 

Moving a Couch

Muscles for Your Move 💪


Moving a bulky item and need an extra pair of hands (or two)? We can help move furniture, appliances, or other large items. Whether you're rearranging your home for new Feng Shui vibes or preparing for home staging, we've got the muscles to flex!

Image by Naomi Hébert

Appliance Installation🏡


Got a shiny new appliance that needs setting up?  Our service ensures your new gadgets, from washers and dryers to refrigerators and stoves, are expertly installed and ready to use. Sit back,  and let us take care of the technical stuff. We'll have your home running in no time!

Image by Wander Fleur

Packing Supplies 📦

Preparing for a move or need to store treasures safely? We've got you covered with high-quality packing supplies. We have sturdy boxes, bubble wrap, tape and packing paper. Everything you need to ensure your belongings are protected. 

Moving Day

🌟 For Everything Else

Whether it's multiple items or unique situations, Rocket Services LLC - Haul, Junk & Moving is your total solution.


From extra muscle help, a quick package delivery, storage unit hauling to estate sale treasures, and even junk removal – we've got you covered. Your tasks become our mission, and we're ready to make the impossible, possible. 

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