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Delivery of Boxes

Rocket Services LLC - Haul, Junk & Moving 
Terms of Service 🚀🌟

At Rocket Services LLC - Haul, Junk & Moving, we're all about ensuring your cosmic journey is smooth and stellar. Here's what you need to know about moving your precious cargo through the cosmic pathways:

Delivery Services:

Accessibility Assessment:

Assessment: Before or during a pickup and delivery, our cosmic heroes may assess the accessibility of your pickup and delivery locations. This cosmic evaluation includes examining narrow pathways, staircases, doorways, and potential obstacles that could pose cosmic challenges to the safe and efficient movement of your items.

Item Specifications: To ensure the safe passage of your celestial cargo through the cosmic highways, please provide accurate measurements and weight specifications, especially if your items need to squeeze through narrow spaces. We are not responsible if an item does not fit in the intended area; in these cases, we will not refund service fees or take the items back to the original location (a separate delivery would need to be scheduled).

Returns and Replacements: We're not responsible for damaged or incorrect items provided to us. The customer is responsible for all communication with the seller/store. This includes at the moment of pick up or return. A return can be scheduled as an additional service at an available timeframe. 🌟🚚🪐


Additional Services:

Available Services: Depending on the service level you choose, additional cosmic services such as disassembly, reassembly, installation or packaging may be offered to facilitate the journey of your items through narrow spaces. These cosmic conveniences might come at an extra cost and will need to be scheduled separately. Delivery items should be ready to go when the driver arrives. 

Additional Charges: Sometimes, cosmic challenges call for extra measures. There may be additional charges associated with navigating narrow pathways or dealing with challenging delivery conditions. Feel free to inquire about these potential cosmic fees before booking your service. 💫🌠

Safety Precautions:

Safety Always: Safety is our guiding star, and we prioritize it at every step. Your cosmic journey should be smooth and secure. If a driver feels unsafe, they may reschedule or cancel the services. Safety first, always!

Safety Measures: Our cosmic crew takes safety to the stars and beyond. When navigating narrow pathways, they're equipped with the tools, equipment, and techniques necessary to prevent damage to your items, keep personnel safe, and protect your property.

Personal Protective Equipment: In some cases, personal protective equipment may be required for safety, and our team will ensure compliance.🌌🚀

Customer Responsibility:

Customer Responsibility: While our cosmic crew has the stars in their sights, customers play a crucial role too. Responsibilities include providing accurate information, maintaining respectful conduct, inspecting items prior to pick up, ensuring clear and accessible pathways, securing any curious pets, and providing necessary assistance if our delivery team encounters obstacles or conundrums along the way. The customer is responsible for all communication with the seller/store.

Clearance Requirements: Ensure there's enough clearance along the pathway for your items to glide through without cosmic collisions. In some cases, this might mean clearing obstacles or removing obstructions to pave the way for your celestial cargo before the driver arrives. 

Customer Assistance: In cases where obstacles or challenges are encountered during the move, customers may be required to provide necessary assistance to our service providers to overcome these obstacles. 

Customer Cooperation: Customers are expected to cooperate to ensure safety during services, including following safety instructions and guidelines. 🌟🛡️

Specific Services

For Courier Services:

Package Handling: Our courier services include safe handling of packages, but customers or stores are responsible for proper packaging to prevent damage during transit.

Delivery Timeframes: We offer flexible delivery timeframes based on the courier service chosen, with options for expedited or standard delivery.

Late Deliveries: In the event of a late delivery, we'll make every effort to communicate delays and provide revised delivery times. Compensation or refunds may be offered on a case-by-case basis, delays caused by a store during pick up or by a customer are not eligible for compensation or refunds. 📦🚀

For Construction Material and Landscaping Items:

Material Inspection: Customers are responsible for inspecting materials for damage before delivery. Be aware that items may come damaged or incorrectly packaged from the store.

Delivery Conditions: To ensure safe unloading, customers should provide adequate space and equipment if necessary. Additional charges may apply if special equipment is needed.

Returns and Replacements: We're not responsible for damaged or incorrect items provided to us. A return can be scheduled as an additional service at a different timeframe. 🌿🚛

For Assembly Service:

Assembly Scope: Our assembly services cover specific items. We have most of the tools available. You must have all the necessary hardware at the time of assembly, and disclose necessary tools at the time of booking.

Assembly Warranty: We stand behind our assembly work. If any issues arise related to assembly, please contact us for resolution within a reasonable timeframe. 🔧

For In-Home Delivery:

Access Requirements: Safe and efficient in-home delivery requires clear pathways, suitable space, and secure pets. Failure to provide these conditions may result in rescheduled deliveries.

Insurance: Our in-home delivery services include insurance coverage for the delivered items during transit. Not within your home, if a driver feels like an item will not securely fit without damage through a pathway he can decline to continue to move the item. 🏠🌟

For Wrapping and Packing Furniture:

Packaging Materials: We use high-quality packaging materials to ensure the safety of your items during transit. Packaging material costs may apply and will be communicated in advance.

Item Preparation: Customers are responsible for preparing items for packaging, including disassembly if necessary. 🛋️📦

For Trash Removal, Storage, Garage or Attic Clean-Up Labor:

Accepted Items: We can remove various types of non-hazardous trash, including furniture, appliances, and general household items.

Disposal Methods: We dispose of items responsibly, including recycling when possible, and ensure environmentally-friendly practices are followed. 🗑️🌍

Item Removal: Our labor services can help you remove items from your garage or attic. Some items may not be suitable for removal, and we'll discuss these during the assessment.

Customer Assistance: While our team provides labor, customer assistance may be required for specific tasks or heavy items. 💪🏠

Appliance Installation:

Service: Our appliance installation service covers standard installation of common household appliances. It does not include modifications to your home's electrical or plumbing systems.

Appliance Compatibility: Ensure that your appliance is compatible with your existing connections and space. We will not be responsible for appliance compatibility issues.

Safety Precautions: Safety is our priority. We'll follow manufacturer guidelines for installation. If any safety concerns arise during installation, we will inform you and may halt the process if necessary.

Warranty: We do not provide appliance warranties. Any issues with the appliance itself should be addressed with the manufacturer or retailer.

Customer Responsibility: Clear the installation area, ensure proper connections are available, and provide any required accessories or hardware as specified by the appliance manufacturer.


Pet Transportation:

Pet Safety: Safety is our priority. Pets must be properly secured in appropriate carriers or restraints during transport. We do not transport aggressive animals without proper containment.

Health and Documentation: Customers are responsible for ensuring pets have up-to-date vaccinations and necessary travel documentation as required by local regulations.

Comfort: We'll provide a safe and comfortable environment for your pets during transport. However, we recommend bringing essential items such as food, water, bedding, and toys to keep your pet comfortable.

Pet Behavior: Customers are responsible for the behavior of their pets during transport. Aggressive or excessively anxious pets may require special handling or, in extreme cases, may not be transportable.

Pet Welfare: We adhere to ethical and humane pet transport practices. If, during transport, we encounter any concerns about your pet's welfare, we will contact you immediately to discuss the situation.


For Travel Trailers:

Preparation: Customers should secure loose items inside the trailer before moving. We can assist with hookup and unhooking.

Trailer Safety: Our drivers are trained to do a walk-around inspection on the trailer before hooking up to it, during travel, and after the delivery has been made.

Inspection Steps: We start by looking at the overall appearance of the trailer, checking tires, lights, brakes, and more.

Tire Check: Checking tire pressure is crucial, and we use an air gauge for accuracy. We also look for dry rot, cracks, rips, or bulges on the tires. Safety is our priority!

Lights: Trailers are required to have lights on all sides, and we ensure they're clean, bulbs are replaced if needed, and wiring is in good condition.

Brakes: We check trailer brakes, if applicable, to ensure they function correctly.

Packing Supplies:

Quality Assurance: Our packing supplies are of the highest quality. If you encounter any defects, please contact us for a replacement.

Availability: Packing supplies are subject to availability. We recommend contacting us in advance to ensure we have the quantities and sizes you need.

Returns: Unopened and unused packing supplies can be returned within 7 days of purchase for a refund or exchange. Please provide a receipt.

Use of Supplies: Customers are responsible for the proper use of packing supplies. We are not liable for damage caused by incorrect usage.

Quantity Estimation: Accurate estimation of the quantity and type of packing supplies needed is the customer's responsibility. We can provide guidance, but final decisions are made by the customer.

For More Information:

Please be advised that our Terms of Service may change, we keep our customers informed and empowered for a seamless cosmic experience! If you have any more cosmic requests, please don't hesitate to ask! 🚚🪐

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