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🚀 What's Rocket Services LLC - Haul, Junk & Moving all about?

Rocket Services LLC - Haul, Junk & Moving is your go-to cosmic service for smooth moves, hassle-free hauling, and stellar deliveries! Here's what we bring to the table:

🌟 We send over local heroes, aka astronauts, drivers, or heroes, ready to transport your items.

💪 We offer convenient and budget-friendly delivery services for all kinds of items.

🪐 Your peace of mind is our priority – we've got you covered in every delivery.

🚚 Our pros handle your cargo with care, ensuring it arrives in the same condition.

Whether it's a stellar find or a store score, Rocket Services LLC - Haul, Junk & Moving makes your cosmic journey a breeze! 🌠✨


📦 How much stuff can I fit?

Picture this: a Rocket Services LLC - Haul, Junk & Moving astronaut arrives at your pick-up location, with a large truck.

Our Truck Options also include:

🚚 Pick-up Truck with the option of a 6x10 trailer, perfect for a one apartment move or to take items to a storage.

🚚 10' Truck: Ideal for a studio to 1-bedroom apartment.
🚚 15' Truck: Perfect for a 1-bedroom home to a 2-bedroom apartment.
🚚 17' Truck: Suitable for homes up to 2 bedrooms.
🚚 20' Truck: Tailored for a 2-bedroom home to a 3-bedroom apartment.
🚚 26' Truck: Spacious enough for a 3-bedroom home to a 4-bedroom home.

With this, we've got the space and strength to move your larger-than-life items. 🚀💪

🛒 Will you pick up from any location?

Absolutely! Our expertise shines in local moving in central Colorado! 🏞️🚀

We understand the excitement of discovering that perfect piece of furniture on platforms like Facebook Marketplace, OfferUp, Craigslist, or even at garage sales. Not to mention those fantastic deals from stores like Home Depot, BestBuy, BigLots, or American Furniture Warehouse.

Our delivery service is not just convenient, but also swifter and more budget-friendly than many in-store deliveries. Please note, for pickups, the item's owner must be present to authorize the package's collection, depending on the store policy.

Remember, inspect and purchase any used items from the owner before the scheduled pickup. Once the pickup is scheduled and your item is delivered, it won't be refunded if you change your mind about the purchase.

Whether it's a cosmic Marketplace find, a stellar store deal, or a garage sale gem, be prepared to rocket your new treasure home! 🚚

🦸‍♂️ What if I need more muscle for my mission?

Houston, we don't have a problem! But here's the deal: if you've got items that are over 50-70 pounds and longer than 4-5 feet (that's a whopping 60 inches!), it is likely we're going to need someone at the location who can lend a hand. Our Rocket Services LLC - Haul, Junk & Moving drivers are strong, but remember, in space, even the heaviest items feel weightless – well, almost! Here on earth they are going to need a little help with the heaviest and bulkiest items.


Need more muscle? We've got you covered – You can request an extra set of cosmic muscles if there's no one available at the location to assist with a particularly hefty or oversized item. However, if you didn't request a helper for the heavier and bulkier items and are unable to provide assistance, your project may need to be rescheduled. We can always bring more muscle along to make sure your move is a celestial success, with your items soaring to their new location in style! You can experience zero gravity for your belongings! 🌌✨

🌠 Where will my item be placed once delivered?

Our cosmic services at Rocket Services LLC - Haul, Junk & Moving go beyond just pickup and delivery. Whether you're moving to a new home or transporting items to a different location, we're here for the entire journey. 🚚✨

Our astronaut delivery team is equipped to handle the transport of furniture, appliances, and other galactic-sized treasures, ensuring a seamless move from point A to point B. From carefully placing items at your front step or in your garage to navigating the logistics of moving and transporting, we've got you covered.

However, please note that while we excel at getting your items from one place to another, any assembly, disassembly, installation, or additional services come with a separate fee. Our priority is the safety of our brave astronauts and the protection of your cosmic cargo, and our cosmic Terms of Service guide us through this interstellar adventure.

Whether it's a swift move to a new home or transporting your prized possessions, count on Rocket Services LLC for a cosmic experience from start to finish. 🌠🪐🚚

🚚 How much will it cost me?

At Rocket Services LLC - Haul, Junk & Moving, we believe in transparent pricing to make your cosmic experience stress-free. Our charges are determined by factors such as delivery type, items, additional services, distance, and duration. You can find our posted prices, ensuring clarity right from the start. Rest assured, you'll always receive an estimate before embarking on your journey.

In some cases, projects may extend beyond the initially estimated time due to unexpected obstacles like staircases or additional items added to your project. The timer starts when our astronaut arrives at the pickup location and stops once your items are safely delivered and unloaded at the drop-off spot. Most projects conclude within the estimated timeframe, but if it exceeds, an hourly rate ensures fair compensation for our cosmic heroes.

For a customized estimate based on your specific needs, please feel free to call us if your job differs from the description. To ensure accurate estimates and avoid unexpected charges, provide precise and complete information while booking your cosmic journey. 🚀📦✨

💳 How do I pay for my cosmic journey?

Ensuring a smooth and secure payment experience is part of our cosmic commitment. Our wireless POS system allows you to pay conveniently with NFC on our company phone, adding an extra layer of ease to your transactions.

Additionally, all transactions occur on our secure site. You can use a credit or debit card for payment, and rest assured, we neither store nor peek at your card info. Your payment information goes directly to, a highly secure and compliant company. Your cosmic secrets are safe with us.

We offer various payment options to cater to your convenience. Our pros happily accept payments via Apple Pay, Cash, Credit Card, PayPal, Stripe, Square, Venmo, and Zelle. Choose the method that suits you best and enjoy a seamless and hassle-free payment process. 🌌💳✨

📆 Can I schedule my cosmic journey ahead of time?

Absolutely! Plan your cosmic odyssey on the Rocket Services LLC - Haul, Junk & Moving website. Keep in mind that our schedule fills up faster than a rocket launch, so booking early ensures you secure your spot among the stars. 🚀⏰

If you need to adjust your voyage through the cosmos, you can change the date/timeslot with at least 6 hours' notice once at no cost, though please be aware that your desired slot may not always be available. We'll do our utmost to accommodate your journey! Please make sure your cosmic coordinates are set before you take off! ✨🌠

Fun with Imagination

👩‍🚀 Who are these Rocket Services LLC - Haul, Junk & Moving Astronauts?

Our astronauts, aka drivers, are local heroes. They could be anyone from your friendly neighborhood enthusiast to a retired astronaut (well, maybe not astronauts, but they're pretty close!).


Rest assured, each team member is 18+, having successfully cleared a thorough background check. Their clean records and absence from any unwanted lists ensure your safety. Our team leaders and drivers hold valid driver's licenses, have completed an MVR, maintain proper vehicle registration, and carry the necessary insurance. 🌌


At Rocket Services LLC, your trust and security are paramount. We go above and beyond to ensure your cosmic journey is not only safe but also stellar. Our mission is to make every experience with us nothing short of celestial. 🌟🚀

💫 Can I tip our fellow hero astronauts?

Certainly! When it comes time to settle up after your cosmic delivery, our POS system will kindly inquire if you'd like to express your appreciation through a tip for our hero astronauts. While tipping is not obligatory, it's genuinely encouraged!

Feel free to decline, or if you're in the mood to spread some cosmic cheer, you can choose from a suggested percentage or pick a specific amount. Tipping is akin to fueling up their rockets for future cosmic missions. It not only demonstrates your gratitude for their stellar service but also contributes to supporting their families in their pursuit of the final frontier.

Drivers retain the entirety of their tips, and if there's more than one hero involved, they split the tip. So, whether it's a tip that's out of this world or just a little cosmic appreciation, every bit helps our heroes reach for the stars! 💰👨‍🚀

👫 Can I be a co-pilot on this cosmic adventure?

Here's the scoop: you must be a highly trained astronaut to ride...well, okay, maybe not a real astronaut, but our drivers are pros at moving stuff, not people. We'd love to have you aboard, but for now, it's just your belongings that get to enjoy the ride. 🚀✨


🚀 Do Rocket Services LLC - Haul, Junk & Moving Heroes wear masks?

While our Rocket Services LLC - Haul, Junk & Moving heroes aren't required to wear masks, we strongly recommend that they adhere to all national and regional regulations concerning face coverings. Additionally, when they're on private property, like a business that has mask requirements in place, we ask them to respect those guidelines regarding face coverings. For anyone with health concerns, we offer contactless deliveries for peace of mind!

Customers are also not required to wear masks. You can take precautions, such as wearing a mask and maintaining a safe six-foot distance, at your own discretion. To minimize contact, you can add all instructions in your booking details or text with your driver.

If you have had direct contact with someone diagnosed with COVID-19, or have been asked to quarantine. You could also contact us to book a contactless delivery.


Safety is our priority, and we want to make sure everyone's cosmic journey is as secure as possible. 🌟🚀🌌

📦 Will my hero help with packing?

At Rocket Services LLC - Haul, Junk & Moving, we're all about the cosmic journey from loading and unloading to transporting from point A to point B, and we make it look easy-peasy. 🚀✨

While we're masters of safe and efficient transportation, we've also got a few tricks up our sleeves! If you're in need of some extra help with packing/unpacking, we offer additional services like plastic or bubble wrapping, or even packing your belongings into boxes. We can also help with assembly and disassembly for your big move.


These cosmic add-ons are available, but there's a twist – they must be scheduled in advanced. Otherwise, it's important that all items are packed and ready when your hauling and moving astronaut arrives. 

So, whether you're packing light-years in advance or just need a little cosmic assistance, we got you covered. 🌠👩‍🚀

🔧 Do I need to provide any tools for my furniture's cosmic adventure?

Our astronaut crew arrives locked and loaded with all the gear you need for a smooth cosmic journey. Here's what's in their cosmic toolkit: dolly, ratchet straps, moving blankets, and a tarp to secure and protect your precious cargo. 🪐✨ 

Now, if you're thinking about having items taken apart, no worries, we've got the tools for that too! Just keep in mind that this service comes with an extra fee and is usually scheduled at the time of your booking. But hey, if you're feeling handy and want to save some extra cash, you're welcome to do the assembling or disassembling yourself before our astronauts arrive. Either way, your journey to the stars is in good hands! 🧰💸

Moving Boxes
🧳 Are there items Rocket Services LLC - Haul, Junk & Moving won't transport?

While our astronauts are extraordinary heroes, they haven't quite mastered the art of superheroics. Our focus is on items that you and your astronaut can lift together and fit into the truck. Need some extra muscle? No worries, we can bring a helper if needed. 🚀💪

However, when it comes to things that are hazardous or illegal, we draw the cosmic line. We've encountered quite the adventure with unusual moving requests. Please note that livestock, fireworks, drugs, guns, weapons, fine art, antiques, grandfather clocks, or anything illegal is off-limits. Additionally, extremely heavy and bulky items such as pianos, hot tubs, saunas, billiard tables, concrete slabs, marble tables, and 100+ lb safes need to be disclosed before delivery and may incur in additional fees.

Rest assured, we're here to make your move as smooth as stardust, within the cosmic boundaries! If you're unsure about something, snap a photo, get an estimate, and if we can move it, we will book it. Questions? Our support team is just a cosmic call away. 🌌📞

🚀 Can I Cancel My Cosmic Journey?

We totally understand that sometimes even the best-laid cosmic plans can change. If you need to reschedule your trip, you may do so 24 hours in advance. Rescheduled trips or canceled trips are subject to a $50 cancellation fee.

Cancellation fees are implemented to compensate our cosmic crew for their dedicated time, effort, and the opportunities they might have missed to assist other customers. Please be aware that all cancellation fees are non-refundable. 🌌

Rest assured, we appreciate your understanding as this policy helps us manage our schedule efficiently and ensures that we can continue providing stellar service to our valued customers. If you have any questions, our support team is just a cosmic call away. 📞🌌

🌌 Is My Precious Cargo Protected?

We prioritize the safety of your valuable cargo. Here's how we ensure it's protected:

🚀 Every delivery is covered by Rocket Services LLC - Haul, Junk & Moving general liability policy, providing you with cosmic peace of mind.

🌟 Our drivers are skilled professionals who take extra care to safeguard your cargo, ensuring it arrives in the same condition it was received.

🌌 In the rare event of an accident, rest assured that your property is protected by Rocket Services LLC - Haul, Junk & Moving's cargo liability policy. You can trust us to handle your precious items with the utmost care. We offer cargo insurance that extends to your belongings while they're in transit.

Also at the time of a full move booking with movers and transportation you will have the option of selecting Carrier Cargo Liability Options:

Released Value Option (A): A limit of the mover's liability to the lesser of (1) a value equal to 60 cents per pound per lost or damaged article or (2) the actual value of the lost or damaged article after depreciation.

Full Replacement Cost Option (B): A limit of the mover's liability to the replacement cost of the entire shipment. This option shall require the shipper to declare the value of the shipment. This option may permit the shipper to specify a deductible (our deductible is $500). The mover is liable for the actual amount of loss or damage to each lost or damaged article, up to the full replacement value. However, if the shipper declares a value that is less than the actual value of the entire shipment, the mover's liability for each lost or damaged article will not exceed the value of the article when compared to the full replacement value of the entire shipment.

With Rocket Services LLC - Haul, Junk & Moving, your valuable cargo is in safe hands throughout its cosmic journey. 🌠🚚🌟

🛠️ What if something goes amiss during my Rocket Services LLC - Haul, Junk & Moving cosmic adventure?

If you have any questions, concerns, or cosmic conundrums, contact us immediately at We'll move heaven and earth to make it right. 🚀✨

🌟 My question isn't here. What should I do?


🚀 Keep those cosmic questions coming, space traveler! 🌌✨

If you have a question that's as unique as a shooting star, or if you just can't find the answer you're seeking in our FAQ galaxy, fear not. Our cosmic support team is ready to assist you on your celestial journey. Simply reach out through our website's online chat at or send us an email at We'll be delighted to provide you with the answers you seek, guiding you through the cosmic mysteries of Rocket Services LLC - Haul, Junk & Moving. 

Feel free to shoot any more questions our way, and we'll make sure you're on the right trajectory for a stellar experience! 🌟🌠

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