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How to Get your Kids Excited about Moving!

Step 1: Give them a hug when you are breaking the news so they could feel supported.

Step 2: It could be helpful to give them a stuff animal so they have someone to cuddle with in their new home.

Step 3: Buy them a toy or candy so they are happy.

Step 4: Let them say goodbye to his or her friends and let them have their phone number so they could stay friends.

Step 5: Decorate their new room so they feel surprised and happy.

Why is it hard for Kids to Move?

  1. They have to say bye to their friends.

  2. They have to try and make new friends.

  3. They have to say goodbye to their teachers.

  4. If they have neighbor friends they have to say bye.

Why I wrote this?

When I was 5 I moved homes and I had to say good bye to my friends. I hope this helps grownups know what to do when they move with their kids. 

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